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Ergonomics and flexibility to fit every interproximal space.

Interprox® Conical

PHD diameter
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Interprox® conical is designed to remove the accumulation of oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) from 1.3 mm* interproximal spaces and is especially recommended for teeth in the front of the mouth and for teeth in the back of the mouth because of its cone-shaped head.

*The size of its conical head fits into posterior interproximal spaces of at least 1.3 mm (PHD=1.3)

6-unit pack

Size guide

Numerical coding by PHD (Passage Hole Diameter) indicates the size of the smallest space into which the brush can be inserted.
It is important for the brush to easily enter the interproximal space, so that the filaments and not the wire are what touch the teeth.
If the wire rubs the gums or bends, it is advisable to use a brush with a smaller PHD size.

A dentist or dental hygienist can help you determine the size of your interproximal space and the brush that suits you best.

The colour codes vary from brand to brand.

Features of interprox® conical

The shape of Interprox® conical facilitates perpendicular entry into anterior and posterior interproximal spaces, without damaging gums. The protective cap fits perfectly onto the handle to lengthen the brush, facilitating access to even the backmost areas of the mouth. In addition, thanks to the memory-free flexibility of its handle and neck, the brush can be used by anyone for perfect perpendicular entry in these areas.

Interprox® conical also features an antislip groove for a comfortable grip, improved control and accurate cleaning.

Features of interprox® conical

How to use the Interprox® conical brush

Opción 1
Use the most appropriate Interprox® size for each space. The brush must easily enter the interproximal space, so that the filaments and not the wire are what actually touch the teeth.

Opción 2
Move the brush in and out, without turning it.

Opción 3
Repeat these movements by entering the interproximal space from the inner side of teeth.

Opción 4
Bend the neck (not the wire) and/or the body of the brush to form the best angle.

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