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Which Interprox® to choose?

Interprox® offers a wide range of brushes with different PHD sizes so that you can find the the right brush for each space. PHD (Passage Hole Diameter) refers to the size of the interdental, or interproximal, space (mm). It is the smallest space into which the brush can be inserted. Meaning, for example, that a 0.9 size brush can be used in a 0.9 mm space, at least.

You don’t know which size of Interprox® you should use?

If you do not know which PHD corresponds to each space, it is advisable to start out by choosing the smallest size (Interprox® nano 0.6) and increase the size from there if the brush fits too loosely. The right brush should snugly enter the interdental space (with no need to force it), covering the entire space. It is important not to choose too big of a brush to avoid damaging teeth and gums. Your dentist or hygienist can help you find the right size.

Is the colour coding used for different brands equivalent?

The colour coding used for different brands is not equivalent. To know the equivalence, you must compare the PHD measurement (not use other measurements like the diameter of the brush or of the wire, because these may not fit the interproximal space).

How often should I clean between my teeth?

Interproximal cleaning should be done daily just like brushing your teeth. Most Interprox® sizes come with a protective cap so you can enjoy a clean mouth on the go, anywhere, any time.

Do you have difficulty flossing between your teeth?

Dental flossing requires a bit of skill on order to be totally effective. Interprox® brushes are a more convenient and effective option as long as you have sufficient space between your teeth. Plus, they make it easier to reach the rearmost areas of your mouth (premolars and molars).

Do you have open interproximal spaces?

In open interproximal spaces, the gums do not take up all of the space between teeth. In this type of space, flossing cannot be completely effective as it enters loosely and therefore does not cause friction. Interproximal brushes are recommended for open interdental spaces.

Do your gums bleed?

Gingival inflammation and bleeding are signs of gum disease (gingivitisorperiodontitis).These are normally caused by the accumulation of plaque, or biofilm, between teeth and in the gingival margin. You should visit your dentist to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. It is also advisable to carry out strict interdental hygiene using Interprox®.

Do you have or have you ever had periodontitis?

Periodontitis causes destruction of tooth support tissues, resulting in a larger interproximal space. You should visit your dentist to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. It is also advisable to carry out strict interdental hygiene using Interprox®.

Do you have black triangles between your teeth?

The appearance of so-called “black triangles” suggests the existence of open interproximal spaces, which require cleaning with the help of Interprox® brushes. Do you have any orthodontic appliances in your mouth? Interprox® brushes are very useful for cleaning brackets and arches, where a regular toothbrush cannot reach and where bacterial plaque and food debris easily accumulate.

Have you lost any of your teeth?

Interprox® facilitates access to the surfaces of the teeth that were touching the missing tooth and where a regular toothbrush may not reach.. Also, remaining teeth may have shifted, increasing the interproximal spaces between adjacent teeth.

Do you have halitosis?

Most cases of halitosis start in the oral cavity, specifically from the accumulation of biofilm on the tongue, in interdental spaces and in the subgingival areas. Interprox® can help you remove plaque from interdental spaces to prevent and help treat halitosis.

Do you smoke?

Smokers are at much greater risk for periodontal disease, and so they must clean between their teeth thoroughly with the help ofInterprox®.

If you did not find the answer you were looking for on our website or should you need more information on interproximal cleaning and Interprox®, here you can personally ask our specialist to resolve your specific doubts.

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