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About Us

Oral hygiene experts

In order to improve human oral health, DENTAID works to provide the best cutting-edge solutions endorsed by both dental and pharmacy professionals.

Present in more than 50 countries and with a steadfast commitment to society, DENTAID continues to lead the Oral Hygiene market in pharmacies and drugstores, while relentlessly positioned at the top among large companies worldwide.

Oral hygiene experts

Good oral hygiene habits include cleaning the interproximal spaces.

So, in 1989, DENTAID created interprox®, the first brush designed for cleaning interproximal spaces. As a result of continuous research and innovation by our R&D+I area, DENTAID Research Center, Interprox® products were developed to suit the needs of people. Thanks to the wide range of interproximal brushes: Interprox®, Interprox® Plus and Interprox® Access and to Interprox® Gel, daily oral hygiene is now easy, comfortable and effective.

Oral hygiene experts 2