Indications of interprox interdental brushes adapted to your needs

interprox interdental brushes

Teeth have 5 sides, and when they are brushed with a conventional toothbrush, only three of these sides are cleaned.

The spaces between teeth are known as interdental, or interproximal, spaces. It is very important to clean these spaces properly, as this is where the most serious oral diseases – tooth decay and periodontal disease – normally begin to develop.

interprox interdental brushes

Main indications of interprox interdental brushes

Interdental spaces

To properly clean open interdental spaces, the use of interproximal brushes is essential.

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Interproximal brushes are needed for proper cleaning of the spaces between implants.

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Fixed prostheses

The use of interproximal brushes is necessary for cleaning under bridges and crowns.

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Interproximal brushes are essential for cleaning brackets and spaces between teeth that are formed from the orthodontic movement of teeth.

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This is a separation between teeth which allows for increased biofilm accumulation on the inner sides, and therefore requires strict hygiene with interproximal brushes.

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Edentulous gaps

Interproximal brushes can more effectively clean the inner sides of teeth thanks to their adaptability.

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Furcal areas

When periodontal disease is involved, furcal areas may be exposed and require stricter cleaning using interproximal brushes.

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