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Helps to remove oral biofilm from interproximal spaces.

Interprox® Gel

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Interprox® Gel is specially formulated to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) from interproximal spaces with the help of interproximal brushes.

The composition of Interprox® Gel and its specific properties allow it to quickly penetrate interproximal spaces to prevent gingival inflammation and the onset of tooth decay. It also reduces gingival bleeding.

It is a non-abrasive gel that protects dental surfaces and is specially indicated to be applied to an interproximal brush to ensure that its active ingredients reach all interdental spaces.


Cetylpyridinium chloride (0.3%)
Antispetic with antimicrobial efficacy proven to prevent plaque formation and protect against gingival infections.

Zinc lactate (0.14%)
Increases the substantivity of CPC, providing longer-lasting antiseptic activity. Fights halitosis.

Prevents gingival recession by stimulating cell proliferation and tissue reconstruction. Reduces gingival inflammation and bleeding and oral biofilm build-up.

Sodium fluoride (1,500 ppm)
Remineralises enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Non-abrasive gel
Protects tooth surfaces and acts as a lubricant to facilitate penetration by and movement of the brush within the interproximal space.


Choose the most suitable sized interproximal brush for each space. Then apply the gel directly to the brush (It is important for the brush to easily enter the interproximal space, so that the filaments and not the wire are what touch the teeth).

Move the brush in and out, without turning it. For best results, insert the brush from both sides of teeth.

For proper interproximal hygiene, repeat these steps in each interproximal space, rinsing the brush after each use.

When you are done brushing all interproximal spaces, rinse the brush under running water to remove any traces of Interprox® Gel.

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